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St Anne's RC Primary School - photo
Hi Martin and John

Afraid I can't remember any other teachers names.
Careful Martin ... I already told you that Mrs Taylor later Mrs Holden
is my best buddy ... I'll tell on you!!!

Ciao Karen.
T. D.
I remember playing football for St. Anne's. I think the colours were green and white. We used to get out early from school on one afternoon a week and were driven to various schools to play. Don't think we played any "home" games because the school didn't have the facilities and I reckon we only won one game. The only other player's name I can recall was Sean McGillicuddy. Stir any memories?

Was wondering - what high schools did most of the St. Anne's students go to after they left, particularly in the early 70's. I moved to Australia before reaching high school age.

I went on to St Marys after St Annes. I think that was the usual route.
Martin ~
Thanks Martin
Hi John. Yes, I remember Mrs Livesey. Do you remember being in a wooden hut behind St Mary's old Church on Werden Lane@ Julie (McGinty) nee.
hey i stubbled along this website when i was trying to find my uncles address he lives in australia so i tyed in roocroft and this website showed a match my grandad used to live in leyland and i was just wondering if i could see the picture as my mum would love to see it....
I went to St Annes late 60's early 70's, think I left in 74. I can remember most of my teachers names. Mrs Ainsworth, MrsJones, Mrs Bently, Mr Holden, Mrs Taylor, Mr Greer and Mrs Hardaker. Does anyone remember the teacher that was a very tall lady, big glasses, dark hair and use to shout "You boy Come here" across the playground was a very good artist. Did all the sets for Snow White play.
Hi Dipsy, I remember most of those, not sure who the tall lady was though.
Martin ~

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