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St Anne's RC Primary School - photo

Now I know why I didn't recognise the "Sr. Anne's" school name. We emigrated to the US in July '68 and had lived in the Midlands for over three years prior. There were a lot of emigrations in the years 1966-1970 due to all the issues with the aircraft industry. Cancellation of the TSR-2 was the hit that got us moving around. We didn't emigrate immediately because it looked like my mother had developed cancer but she hadn't.

I did two years in the machine tools industry in Coventry then 15 months with Norton-Villiers motorcycles in Wolverhampton. Both of those companies went bust after I joined (coincidence, I hope). Many friends from British Aircraft Corp had already emigrated and we decided to join those that were at Boeing.

We've lived in Washington State for all but three of the years in the US, during which time I worked at NASA-Langley in Virginia. I completed almost 28 years at Boeing, 3 years before the lay-off then almost 25 after returning. I retired at 58 and we moved to Anacortes a year later. I'm just coming up to my 20th year of retirement.

Frank D
Is it 50 years since the opening of St Annes school? The school was one I worked on I was in charge of the joinery for A M Tomlinsons local builders. Mrs Livesely used to come on weekly visits to see progress, I think she wanted to make sure I made a good job having been in her class in the huts behind the old church, the same class as Julie Maginty. I was also a friend of Mr Holden I bought a Morris Minor car from him, sadly he is no longer with us. He had a brother Andy Holden who ran the 3,000 mtrs steeplechase in the 1972 Munich Olimpics.
I should have said I am third from the right in the front row in the photo not third from the left!
I emigrated to Australia with my family in 1970 but can remember the head, Mrs Livesey and one of the teachers, Mr Greer.
I can remember a few of the students - Graham Carr, Martin Docherty, Kevin Meehan, John Hendy, John Knox, Brendan Coulton, Veronica Nuttall, Elizabeth Lee come to mind.
I used to live at 34 Downham Road Leyland.

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