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More content?
I have been looking at adding some live content to this website. Take this for example

I can incorparate news articles from the Universe Today web site into one of my web pages and it will update automatically, direct from their servers.

If you would like to see content like this, let me know. I would also like to see a current uk news feed on this site. I'll let you know when I've found one.

Anyone for astronomy?
Martin ~
That site's a bit obscure for me Martin , you like your space don't you.[Smile]
I've just noticed your printer friendly thingy, that would have saved me a lot of time when we were planning to publish some of the items. That died a death didn't it. Still it would have been of very limited local (AND WIGAN!!!) interest.[Smile]
I'm just wondering where I would put the science news. Maybe in the future when I've got thousands of visitors, I will have a page for everything.


I've just noticed your printer friendly thingy, that would have saved me a lot of time when we were planning to publish some of the items.

It's never too late Noel. That's something we could always do in the future.

Right now I'm working on a Leyland crossword puzzle. I'm not very good at making up the clues though. Apparently, I can upload this one when it's finished, so watch this space.
Martin ~
Not too difficult I hope Martin . Did you ever watch the Steptoe and Son episode where they were playing scrabble? It's been repeated recently so don't use age as your excuse. All the words were somewhat rude . No rude words Martin. I didn't get where I am today by using rude words. Neither Mrs CJ nor I ever use rude words.[Smile]
On a more serious note Margaret had her purse stolen yesterday in Preston. We cancelled her cards, nothing had gone from the accounts.
All she was bothered about was the memorabilia she had stashed away, of the children and her parents.
All I was bothered about was the £150 she had in her purse.
We had a bad night last night she was very upset.
However good news at the end, had a phone call tonight from Debenhams, they found the purse stuffed behind a radiator.
Money gone apart from a few foreign coins but all the little photos etc. in tact. The police rang to see if they could come round to get some info on the crime tonight. I said if it got past 10pm don't bother, we'll be drunk. The Policewoman on the other end of the phone laughed asnd said what a great idea.
At least you got something back Noel. It's always a shock to the system when someone does that to you. I once had a car broken into, it made me so angry, but I knew there was little I could do about it once it had happened.

I am trying to compile a crossword puzzle full of Leyland related words. When I've found enough material, I'll read the instructions for uploading it.
Martin ~
ohh i like puzzles
Love and LightHayley
We had our car broken into earlier this year as well. Actually they never stole anything, just broke the handle which cost £50 to repair. They were caught a week later two scousers who were focusing on hotel carparks close to the M6--we were at the Jarvis at the time. They had caused £50k of damage in 2 weeks. As you say you get so angry.
Daft thing is I hadn't bothered to lock the car, they could have just opened the door without smashing the handle.
That's the downside to the M6, it's a corridor for thieves.
Martin ~
lol hadnt locked the car???
Love and LightHayley

Originally posted by Hayleypink

lol hadnt locked the car???

Don't laugh, Hayley - wait till you
start having "senior moments"!
I forgot to lock my car once at the gym (I did put the krooklock on) - some nice person helped themselves to what they thought was a White Stripes CD from the glove compartment.... only the CD was in the CD player and all they got was an empty case. I strongly suspect the thief was a fellow gym member as the only other thing missing was a multipack on still mineral water from the boot - not the usual swag for your scouse scally! I was lucky. Now I'm paranoid about locking the car!

I'm glad to hear your wife got her purse back, Noel, albeit without the cash - it's the personal momentoes that mean so much and can't be replaced. When my husband's car was broken into, they stole his briefcase. There was no cash in it, but a working lifetime of business contacts was in his filofax and he didn't have some of the numbers written anywhere else - it was of no value to anyone else, but still they nicked it....... and his reading glasses! Bar stewards!

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