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Did anybody attend farington school in Rose ST[?]

If so i would love to hear your memories of it & the teachers that worked there.
I have not got any photo's from there. But would love to see some if anyone has any.

I attended the school 1957-1964 When GG Atkinson was Headmaster.

I was there from 1950 to 1957 Atky was the head then as well. I remember his cane well. He used to wait by the door at break time and last one in got it!! Miss Pickburn we loved to annoy, she'd go bright red when she got angry and go "tut tut". Must have left as you joined. I have loads of memories, some funny some not so funny. Maybe I'll air them when I've a little more time.
I remember Miss Pickburn, she wasn't as nice as her brother who taught at Wellfield.
Mr Rimmer, Miss Kite & Mr Sefton I remember well. But my memories of Atkinson are not good one's, he just used to have a [}Smile] cruel way about him & everytime I think of him I can remember him standing over me with his smelly pipe.

Miss Sutton was the first year teacher and I remember as a 5 year old she found a balaclava ( the fashion accessory of the fifties) on the floor and asked me to stand on a chair, hold the garment in the air and ask who's balaclava it was. So I did as she asked and said "who's balaclava is this." After a minute or so with nobdy responding I said "Please Miss, it's mine"[Smile]
Was Miss Sharpe still there in year 3 ? She was a battle-axe, and Mr Dagger the caretaker a very nice man who had to rtake a bit of stick from us. He always smelled of that stuff he cleaned the floors with and I know it was him and not the real Father Xmas at the school Xmas part, I worked with his grand-daughter for a while at at L&B. Atky was a tyrant, I once got sent out of Brenda Pickburn's class for my usual bad behaviour and made to wait in the corridor. Along came Atky pounding the corridor like a demented Dalek, saw me, grabbed my ear and yanked me of to his office where I got the cane once again. [Sad]
The 1st teacher i had was miss Strachan, some relation to DR Strachan.Miss Sutton had left when i started.I also had Miss Sharp in year 3 & can remember a Miss Porter also a Mrs Porter.

Mr Dagger was also there when i went also his wife.
Did you ever get left outside in the freezing cold when they had a boiler problem? it would take them about 3 hours, before they decided to send everyone home & a lot of the kids cried because of the cold. Why they couldn't let us go home at 9 Ill never know, but it used to happen every Winter.

Life was cruel in those days.I remember during the war as a 5 year old being yelled at by the Headmaster for not eating my dinner-all those starving millions around the world etc.Turned out I had a dose of pneumonia and was poorly sick at the time.
Yes it was hard, I remember getting some food rations from I think South Africa or Australia, a tin of fruit and other bits and bobs, I guess it would be around 1953, maybe something to do with the coronation? As to the boiler problems we always had problems in winter but the school closed. Can't remember being sent into playground. Mrs Porter was second year , the bottom corridor was for infants and the top one for juniors. Miss Sharpe 3rd year then Rimmer was first class "upstairs", Pickburn next then Kite then Pop Sefton . I remember Atky had a handicapped child who used to chase us round the playground. Like father ........
Noel, I`ve been looking at these posts, the Atky being mentioned, did he come from Charnock Richard School to Farington? Bill.
I dont know if he was at Charnock Richard school, Bill but he did live up Chorley way.
So quite possible he worked there.


Originally posted by William R

Noel, I`ve been looking at these posts, the Atky being mentioned, did he come from Charnock Richard School to Farington? Bill.

I remember he had a handicapped son who used to chase us round the school yard. He did come from Charnock Richard/Chorley/Coppull area.

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