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Then he used to be the village schoolmaster at Charnock Richard Church School, he was head teacher when my late wife was there before going to Chorley Grammar School. Bill.
I started at Farington in about 1974/5. I lived in St Davids Rd and fell under the Lever House Lane primary area but it was full and so attended Farington. Teachers were as follows : 2nd year was a Mr Marriot, 3rd was Miss Pickering, 4th was Valerie Kite. Some change was made (possibly due to numbers) and the last class (10/11 yo) was split in my final year with Mr Sefton teaching another last year class. Headmaster was a bloke named Goddard. Rimmer was still around bit only took occasional classes and it seemed that his main function was to operate the Roneo machine. Mr Pickering did teach at Wellfield (2nd year) but he was as humourless as his sister. If anyone went to Wellfield (76-81 were my years) please post.

Goddard used to tell us that the holes in the front facade next to the front playing field were made by a German fighter strafing the building during WW2 - does anyone now if this is true?

Finally, I used to deliver milk for Henry Deacon (on Bow Lane) if anyone remebers him, and the Pickerings were the only people on the whole round who didn't own a fridge by the time I worked for him in the late 70's.
Did anybody else feel that Mr Rimmer was a bit creepy? I never got the cane but remember Miss Sharpe smacking me across the back of my legs and Mrs Pickburn shaking me by my hair for pulling a face on my way back to my seat after she had told me off for something[Big Grin] Does anyone know who the reception teacher was when I started in 1950 as I can't remember.
Welcome to the Forum, Ian.
Have fun[Big Grin]

Henry Deacon was a neighbor ...
I guess you delivered milk to my
parents ... at #6 St. Ambrose Terr.

Henry was the first person (except for family)
to know that I was pregnant[Wink] ...
the milkman got our free milk vouchers[Big Grin]

T. D.
boothy, your name rings a bell mate, didn't u have curly hair, i lived in st clements ave, might remember me..dave kenyon, i went to leverhouse. hung with gary langtree, stephen woods {he lived on st davids, i use to deliver morning papers down your road and yes henry deacon delivered our milk, did you deliver it when michael thomas did too??
and boothy, 76-81 at Wellfield exactly my years too, see your a banana bender now mate, what took you there?? i lived in perth since 1992, hope you read this, great to share old school goss
Mr Rimmer was always saying shhh i dont know why!!Miss Strachan was the first teacher i remember and she was lovely so it was a shock to go into, was it Miss or Mrs Porters class as she was soooooo strict[Sad!]I know i didnt want to go back to school after the summer holidays,and i cried so much my grandad took me home (George Holden),i had to go back after dinner though!!
One off the dinner ladies made my life hell i think her name was Miss or Mrs LLoyd she made me eat those grey watery potatoes until i was nearly sick!!
Welcome to the forum. Mrs. Porter I think, she was year 2 when I was there. Miss Sharp was the strict one a year higher though she'd probably have retired before you joined the school.
I attended Farington between 1955 and 1961 and remember the characters listed here - Mr. Atkinson, Miss Sharp, Mr. Rimmer, Miss Todd and others. I'm in Russia just now but should be home via Switzerlana at the weekend. All the best, CliveA [8D]quote:

Originally posted by noel

Welcome to the forum. Mrs. Porter I think, she was year 2 when I was there. Miss Sharp was the strict one a year higher though she'd probably have retired before you joined the school.

As part of a 'quest' to locate RAYMOND HANCOCK, aprox 70years old,once of FARINGTON JUNIOR SCHOOL, I have a HISTORIC LOOK AT FARINGTON BOOK, one of those A4 sized floppy 50page books with lots of old-photo's. AND HE, is stood with his wide-toothy grin and his folded arms alongside his school mates as part of the football team from 1948, I think.

I have several photo's of long-ago Butlins Camp holidays with him and his wide-toothy grin still, on them. Which would certainly 'smile-him',

He had a sister who was killed in a road accident in Lostock Hall in the 1950's if that jogs anyones memory.

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