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Leyland Motors compensation claim
Mesothelioma sufferer seeks help in fight

Mesothelioma Cancer News provides news and information on asbestos attorneys and law.
UK (Mesothelioma Cancer News) – A mesothelioma sufferer is requesting that his former colleagues at a manufacturing plant assistance him with taking action to obtain legal compensation for asbestos exposure.

As reported by the Lancashire Evening Post, the Preston man, 72, who wishes to remain anonymous, was employed at Leyland Motors in the 1950s and attributes asbestos exposure to his developing the disease.

Martin ~
Martin - Asbestosis is a very tricky one for those who do not understand it. When I moved to B.B.A. in 1970, the imminent danger of asbestosis was just being realised, and protective measures taken.

At the end of the War, a group of us at Leylands formed the Leyland Engineering Society which used the Company name and letterhead to allow groups to visit factories whose product was in use in Leylands, your correspondent possibly was in this Group. One such visit was to Small and Parkes at Hendom Vale in Manchester, where we were shown round the production facility to see how the work they did was similar to the cotton trades, from reception of the basic rock fibre to its production as a medium for brake lining material. The conditions within the plant at that time, with fibres hanging from the roof beams and total acceptance that it was only like cotton, so why worry.

The malignance of the material was recognised in the 1960`s and protective measures given to operators. This was much too late. The onset of Asbestosis can occur after a short time or may not show for thirty years, you can see the hazards within the workplace.

The hazards to the operator`s families was then coming to light, we always said that the air we breathed at work was far superior to that outside, due to extraction measures. B.B.A. did extensive work in the protective field, far beyond the scope of the Forum. We were one small firm compared to the way asbestos was used by railways, dockyards,steam engineering to name a few.

Think of homes with abestos blankets in kitchens, ironing boards with asbestos pieces to rest the iron on, the asbestos dust liberated in garages and on the roads from the deterioration of the products. It is a very dangerous material, still in use world wide, with no cure except prevention of use.

Finally, when the hammer of Redundancy was about to fall at B.B.A a giant effort was made by the Research teams to produce an asbestos-free meterial, which succeeded. It is a complicated subject, under scrutiny, but accepted as a risk in many industries.

Sorry for being so long, but it is a very serious matter, only now coming into the open.
jim jacksons dad frank won a case for asbestosis against leyland motors way back, may be 70s but I cannot give any more details other than he lived down hall lane leyland don`t know the number.
There was a hugely successful case in Australia where former workers of James Hardie -manufacturers of asbestos sheeting and pipes and owners of asbestos mines were taken on in a civil case. Most of those who mounted the case were dead before the judgement was given, but it was given - in favour of the workers. Hardies had to put aside basically all their profits in a trust to pay out former affected workers. They did this willingly at first when the case was in the public eye, but recently the willingness is going a bit like it was when they were fighting the initial case, dirty tricks, delaying tactics, character assassination, untruths etc. In these divisive and hard to prove cases you need perseverence, the Company is relying on you giving up and so will make it as difficult as possible for as long as they can in the hope you will give up. Incidentally Hardie had to put several hundred million in trust, so it can be worth it.
Just an update on Hardie - they have to pay 4.5 billion over 40 years and interestingly have just fired theor Board and are relocating to Ireland under a new name.

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