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Fox Lane School - with photo
[center][Image: schools-Fox-Lane-1950.jpg][/center]

Image added by Admin from photographs page.

Anyone remember Fox Lane school in the 50s?

Mrs Jephtha, Miss Rawlinson, Miss Wane, Mr Young, Mr Stephenson, and the avuncular headmaster Mr Fenton.

He had a little rhyme meant as a lesson in both grammar and behaviour. It went:-


He lived in Kirkham and came to Leyland every day on the bus. The greatest punishment was to be sent to "Stand at the steps" - a short flight of concrete steps which led from the main corridor to the staff room on the right and his office on the left. If you were standing there when he emerged, he'd ask why, and if your sin was sufficiently bad would smack you on the leg. Nice man, though, and well regarded by the authorities, I think, since I believe we were the first school in Lancashire to get a TV set. It didn't replace the radio with its weekly show "Singing Together", though.

Among my contemporaries there were Mary Houghton, Kathleen Ratcliffe, John Kirkham, Graham Caunce, Hilary Fowler, Stuart Molloy, and my best friend then, Stephen Swithin. For some reason he opted to go to Hutton rather than Balshaw's and I never saw him again - sine 1961 that is. He lived off Turpin Green Lane with his dad and mum (she worked in Ernie Babb's newsagents) and his tomboy sister, Eileen. Love to know what became of him.

Colin Damp
I remember Fox Lane school. I attended from 1952 to 1957 and remember the names of the teachers as described by Dampslad.
In Miss Jeptha's class I remember weaving a kettle holder which was woven from wool around a cardboard frame.
In the next class we learned to write with a dipping pen. These pens were awful as they were extremely scratchy and the ink was diluted and full of bits. I remember a character called Ronnie Gott but I have not heard anything of him since. In the playground there was a slope from the main entrance where we used to race Dinky cars.
Regards to you all,
Brian Forshaw
Ronnie went to Balshaws he was in the same year as us Brian. Last I heard he had a shop on School Lane, the one that used to be owned by my Uncle Jack , almost facing down Wellfield Avenue where the school is. That was about 15 years ago, when I went into the shop he smiled broadly in recognition. Still had the same blonde mop of hair and large waist size. Then his shop shut and I haven't seen him since. We used to call him Go Pie, partly I think because his name Gott looked like GO with the greek Pi . Went on holiday to Cornwall with him back in the sixties, remember having to travel up backwards over e in Devon because his Morris Minor wouldn't go up in first gear. Concidentally we met Phil Walters on holiday at Perranporth where we camped. Do you remember Phil Brian? Woops have I changed the subject.
Better late than never I am only just replying to your posting of July 2003.
Ronnie Gott was a very large chap at school I remember.
The name Phil Walters is also somewhere at the back of my memory.
Brian , nice to see you back, Ronnie used to be one of my mates Phil I only really got to know after I started work as we worked together. He had a sister Barbara a bit younger with blonde hair who also attended Balshaw's. Do you remember me yet? Remember the "Y Dance?"
What was the Y dance?
I have many fond memories of Balshaw's but you seem to have remembered very different ones. If we persevere, as Mr Bull always advised me, we will eventually find some shared memories.
I can't remember if it was you or Pete Baldwin who decided to show one of the girls the "Y Dance" up in the L1V room I think. Darn my memory!.
You (or Pete) put your arms as tightly round the girl's waist as you could and said "Why Dance?".
I remember St Andrews on Fox Lane, Mrs Prendergast, Mrs Demack, Mrs Kelly and Miss Smith, dont recall any other staff there though I'm sure there would have been. I remember the big wooden slide in Mrs Prendergasts classroom that we could slide down at hometime if we had been good.
Across the road at Woodlea, mrs Jeptha 1A, Mrs Wallace 1B, Miss Rawlinson 2A, Mrs Blackledge 2B, Mr Young 3A, Mr Hewertson 3B, Miss Wayne 4A, Mr Stephenson 4B. Mr Perry was headmaster at the time and Mr Grey was the caretaker. THe 4th year trip for me was to Torquay and I remember going down there on a Fishwicks coach called the firefly or something like that.
Happy days, being an ink monitor, the merit/points board in the hall with coloured kites on it, girls and boys having different playgrounds. More memories please.
Mrs Demack was Geoff Demacks mum, Miss Wane was Alan Wanes auntie. Mrs Jeptha was Miss Palmer and was my best pals, Bill Donkin, auntie. Bill lived at Heald House where I learned to ride a motorbike, an ex WD Matchless 350 bought for a tenner. A bit of a ramble but maybe some will remember these folk.
Don't know any of these names, John.Was born in Leyland but spent most of my time in and around Bamber Bridge and Preston.
However you mention 'Heald House' and your friend Bill Donkin.
I discovered recently after doing some family history that my great- great grandfather retired from farming in Lydiate Lane area and lived in Heald House.
His son lived there later -till what date I am not sure not having my notes with me -early 1920's maybe. Their surname was Swarbrick.
I have an old picture of the house which I believe is still used for business purposes.
Seems it was dated to Queen Anne's time and is quite historic.
One of the family was Daniel Swarbrick who I understand had a grocer's shop somewhere near The Cross.
Do you remember much about the house itself.

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