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Quietest places you have ever been.
Yes Lynne- New Zealand is so superb. you can walk in the mountains here near us in Blenheim and know that maybe no-one else has passed this way because they go for miles and are so remote in places. The landscape around here affords many, many quietest places as the leader of this strand suggests. sandy
Another lovely, peaceful place in the Lake District is the Martindale valley, almost "hidden" beyond Ullswater and Howtown, and one which many people don't put in that extra bit of effort to acquaint themselves with.It is well worth it. Also, in the churchyard of Martindale Old Church (there being a "New" one further along) is a large, centuries-old yew tree.
Thanks Sandy -I will never forget the quietness of The Hermitage and the peace of the bush at Waitangi.
Lovely topic -and good to hear of other spots of peace and quiet and thinking space.
My mum always used to say when we were really noisy 'be quiet I can't hear myself think '
Yes Noel ,Glencoe, and Culloden too have an extra special feeling of the tragic past about them as have Rannoch Moor and many other spots.
You can walk around the Culloden Field and almost touch the atmosphere.
The hidden parts of the Lake District-beautiful. Just wish I could climb like I used to.
Longton marsh before flighting begins.
The cabin we rented on Lake Damariscotta, Maine. Even though its been years since we went there I can still close my eyes and envision it all. At night I would sit in the screened porch and just listen to the absolute peace. No bright lights and on a perfect night you could look at the sky and all the stars and it was like heaven. The lake lapping against the shore line the loons calling one another an occasional Owl. Peace perfect peace..... Wildlife goes with wilderness.............
Deepdale today at 4.50pm ! [Big Grin] In fact no change that to 3.20pm ! ha ha ha
Errr [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Big Grin]
Martin ~
Nightmare if you're a Wigan supporter.
But as PNE supporter I don't think we should mention football.[:p]
Your going down Noel and my 8-1 odds are looking good as they are now 3-1 for the drop !! Yeah we will go down I accept that unless we can get rid of the Spanish one ! Oh and Martin your err [Big Grin][Big Grin][Big Grin]reply. If you had clicked on the quote option of my post I would have presumed your humour was pointed at me but because you just replied I assume you find it funny that PNE got beat once again !!
I like it when you take the bait Phil. You can give it but you certainly can't take it. [}Smile]

I know Wigan fans are hyper-sensitive, but lighten up a bit and enjoy the banter.
Martin ~

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