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Quietest places you have ever been.
"Arnside Knot" is a very peaceful place . You can park up in the free car-park and take many of the walkways that lead around the knot. There is a rough path that leads right to the top of the knot and you can see across Morecambe Bay to Grange and Flookborough and even see the mountains of the lake district.
Welcome, Camera Man.
We went walking in Wharfedale last Sunday - up on the grouse moor all we could hear were the birds.
Down here at Ulnes Walton on a foggy night, its quiet normally down here but you can hear a car a mile or two away occasionally, when its foggy you hear nothing.

Now all we need is for them to switch the streetlights off after midnight and it will be nice and dark too.
Bailes, was a good company, we went in the 80s but they may not exist now, worth a check, jippy tummy though canot be avoided even with emodium, we did the Nile cruise, excellent.

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