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Do my eyes need testing?
Do my eyes need testing or is anyone else experiencing the forum in a slightly smaller format tonight? The names of last poster on the main board and the "you are logged on as LDunlop76" at the top of this screen appear in font so small, it's hard to read. Is it just our comp throwing a wobbly or is everyone else seeing things this way too? [?]
I've noticed it happens from time to time Linda, at the moment it's OK as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure it will return to normality for you soon.
I haven't noticed that happening Linda. I'll keep my eyes open to see if I can spot it in future.
Martin ~
I'm wondering if it's our computer. Last night it was only happening on Snitz forums...... leastways that's all I noticed it on, but today I can't read the font on an AOL site. Will have to call the in-house IT engineer aka hubby! LOL!
Problem now solved - cured by pressing control then altering font size on websites with the scroll ball on the mouse. Wonder if someone accidentally pressing control whilst scrolling was what caused the problem in the first place? Flippin' kids! [:o)]
Oo aye, something new learnt today. I wondered why mine sometimes went really big. Now I know.
Glad to be of service, Noel! I wouldn't have known unless hubby had told me. With the control key being at the end of the keyboard, it's probably pretty easy to accidentally lean on it whilst doing something else on the computer.

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