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school days
thankyou so much Peter ...its much appreciated xx
Could you please pass on my email to your dad . My name is Peter Grant. We used to live in Warwick Road , opposite ST Mary's School. Then My father bought a Garage on Leyland Road in Penwortham in the late 50's.
Sorry Peter I forgot to give my email.. :
Peter, did you go to St Mary's school I seem to remember a Peter Grant in my year.My full name is Francis Houghton.

frank h.
withnep welcome! I too went to school with your dad and also live in the step up houses in Fox Lane,we were good mates for many years. I remember your grand father Tom and his trains and riding around his back garden on his track. Glad your dad is ok not seen him much since finishing work at Leyland please give him my regards and tell him to get up with the modern technology.

Peter G welcome also, as you know Peter W was in the same class, you are one I thought you were.

regards frank h.
Frank H i know you too ? we all seem to have been at the same school at the same time brother ...Nigel Aston also went there , hes 2 yrs younger than me . We lived at 58 fox lane x
Hi Frank, I did go to St Mary's, along with Tony Barton and Mick Lee, is your surname Harrison??
As a prefect and living so close to school , miss Reddy would often ask me to take Father Fitzsimmons bike back to the Church at leyland Cross.
Peter G! My surname is Houghton, I rember Tony Barton and Mick Lee did he live at Lostock Hall?
The Harrison I remember was Peter Harrison the last time I saw him was when he worked for South Ribble Glass.

pammy! I can't recall the surname, I lived at number 18, from about 1948 untill I married in 1971. I continude to live in Leyland until 1978 and still worked in Leyland untill 1997
Frank h, I do remember Peter Harrison, and Mick did live at Lostock Hall, I think he became an electrician, I went into the Merchant Navy straight from school, but eventually started work at LM on Centurian Way from 1969 to 1982.Spent the last 30yrs as Site Manager in Hutton.

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