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Show with ex-workers for Preston Guild 2012
My name is Sonia, I'm a writer/director and in 2012 I'm making a show for Preston Guild celebrations. The title of the theatrical show is 'My Dad Made Cars'. I'd like to find some ex-workers or sons or daughters of ex-Leyland workers who would either like to share some stories with me, or indeed would like to perform in the show. No previous performance experience necessary.

You can get in touch via this forum or contact me
Hi Sonia

There should be plenty of ex-Leyland workers reading the forum. [Smile]
Martin ~
Trouble is they made buses and trucks at Leyland NOT cars.
Thanks Shuffy I know they made trucks its just that's what my Dad made, that's why its called that. And hopefully going to have some ex-BAe workers as well.

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