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re Runshaw hall
I lived with the brothers of Charity in Runshaw Hall from feb 1945 until Feb 1946.
The hall had its own Chapel and the priests came daily from leyland for the Services . At that time these were members of the benedictine order.
The Brothers cared for the mentally ill and the patients lived in the stable block away from the main house.
Initially there were only 3 brothers at the hall, but an extra brother came when I lived there as I was being trained by them and I remained there for 13 months in all
As I remember , none of the patients seemed to be in any way dangerous or disturbing , and I myself took them for choir practice before the services, and never had any problems.
It is interesting to hear what has become of the hall since then
Stan the hall and its work still continue, in fact I get a 'veg' box from them every week for £6.00 not all of it is grown at Liseaux but it is all locally sourced and collected and put together by the patients at Liseaux they also run a bakery and a little refreshment hut on Astley park, the bakery is somewhere in Chorle. They also do Printing at a reasonable price. I have just re-read your post again and realised that you said Runshaw hall, The beothers of charity are based at Liseaux hall and have been for many many years.
I had to renew all the gas mains leading into Lisieux Hall in the mid-80's - great job in the countryside - lovely people in the complex, very friendly and make life for the patients as pleasant as such a place can be. Last time I went into Runshaw Hall it was an Italian restuarant - that was back in the 70's or 80's, I recall the minestrone was remarkably good.
My Mrs works at Lisieux hall. The people who reside there are " Service Users " and not mental patients ! Also they have " Learning Difficulties " and are not known as being mentally ill nowadays ! Some of the service users work in " Rococco Coffee Lounge And Bakery " which is situated at the bottom of Chapel Brow in Leyland. Back to Runshaw, does anyone remember that chap who used to walk round Leyland in a gabberdeen mac saying " hello " to everyone and raising his hand each time he said it ? Incidentally, there are only about a dozen service users left on site at lisieux now as they have moved all the others who used to reside there into the community !
what happened to my other post about Runshaw Hall being sold by the brothers of Charity ?
I remember that guy Phil. Used to see him all over Leyland.
Sorry Dedrah, I should have added I have only seen one post of yours on this subject prior to you asking the question.
So pass. I don't know.
Duering the sixties I used to visit Lisieux Hall with others from St Mary's youth club, most of the residents were as Phill says had learning dificulties or Downs Syndrome. Many were placed there when their parents had died with no one to look to their needs. Some did work in the community others on site doing the small repetative jobs for outside companies.They loved visiters and looked forward to our visits and would play games and have sing songs, A number of them did visit Leyland most Saturdays mainly to pick up cigarettes and sweets usualy from Jack Thackers on Towngate.
Frank h
I haven't seen it either Dedrah!
Martin ~
I remember the guy who used to say hello to everyone, the kids used to call him "Jimmy Hello".

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