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The Legend of the Leyland Cat Creature
I thought you might be interested in the Legend of the Leyland Cat Creature - Beast of Buckshaw Village

It appears that we are quite famous in the wierd world of cryptozoology! [Smile]
The legend of the "Boggart Cat" as I heard it when a child was that the "powers-that were" wanted to build a parish church somewhere around Dawson Lane, presumably so as to serve several parishes. The foundation stones were duly transported there, but on the following day were mysteriously found on the site of the present St Andrew's.

The same thing happened again when they were moved back to the chosen site, so watchmen were posted the following night to see what was going on, and were astounded (to the point of being driven mad) to see an enormous cat appear and carry the stones two at a time to what is now Church Road.

Fanciful, of course, but I suppose people were rather more superstitious around 1100AD.
Hi Colin, Yep that is how the legend is described in the link

I love the "Boggart cat" title
Welcome to the forum, Suzie :-)
Thanks [Smile]
I thought that the Church in question was St John's at Whittle thats the tale in Whittle anyway [Big Grin]
I remember Wellfield School in the early 60's - we were told by the teacher that the legend was real - he said - the stones for the church were put at a place near Whittle-le-Woods and they were mysteriously transported to Church Road in Leyland. Then the stones were taken back and it happened again. The night watchman said that it was a huge black cat that took them in it's mouth and carried them away. The explanation the teacher told us was - that it was the people of Leyland who desperately needed the church - knowing it would create a lot of trade and therefore make Leyland prosperous - they carried the stones in the dark all that way and told the watchman not to say a word - so he must have created the story to deceive his bosses. The people of Leyland must have planned and worked together to do such a thing- it was their determination and spirit of enterprise that put Leyland on the map.

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