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Leyland Motors Pensions
Looking for a little help here guys.

Planning for retirement.
Does any one know how I can get information regarding my pension from BL.
I worked in the Comet Shop and then the Spurrier Works from 1975-1980 before heading off to Canada.
I have tried a few recommendations but not come up with any thing so far.

Would you please email me at, if you have any leads.

Certainly appreciate any help you can offer.
Regards Neil Houlding.
Hello Neil

I don't know anything about the Leyland pension scheme but this question has been asked before here
Martin ~
Thanks Martin.
There has to be some one in Leyland who knows how to go about this.
I left in 83, tracking through the government pension service they found my pension was now with BMW

The Address I have is
BMW(UK) Pension Services Limited
PO Box 10277
B97 4WA

Phone No 01527 587950

I guess Before Daf got their hands on Leyland, deferred pensions had disappeared into the rover group -> BMW.

They seem quite good at give updates etc once they know how to contact you. Pity the value of the deferred pension hasn't miraculously increased.

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