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Abandoned Ship
Saw the ship a year or so ago whilst on the train to Llandudno. Intrigued I tried to find out about it. This may help...
The Duke of Lancaster ( The Fun Ship )
The Duke of Lancaster was sold to Liverpool based company Empirewise Ltd, who intended her to be used as a static leisure centre and market. She arrived at her new home at Llanerch-y-Mor, near Mostyn on 10 August 1979.[1] The ship was beached and the hull was sealed in concrete. Known as "The Fun Ship", it was also possible to visit her bridge and engine room. Conversion for use as a 300-room hotel did not appear to go beyond the preliminary planning stage. Its use as "The Fun Ship" was relatively short-lived and was subsequently closed to the public. Over time, the vessel has become increasingly derelict.Dec 2008 The duke of Lancaster photos taken in December 2008.the boat has not been abandoned maintenance is carried out on a regular basis what appears to be rusted metal is red oxide paint leaching out.the reasons for not going ahead with hotel was access due to a close proximity of the coastline railway and the local councils inability to come to a agreement.
ps. Pics are at
Doesn't look like much fun to me !! [8D]
Thanks for that George, solved.

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