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Famous Leyland People
How many famous Leyland People are there?

Recently Jason Robinson shot to fame as a Rugby World Cup hero. There's a famous Leylander in the pop group Liberty X although, I don't know his name. Not forgetting the pioneers on Leyland Motors.

How many more can we name?
Martin ~
John Thompson attended Runshaw College, though he actually lived at New Longton.
TWO Members of Liberty X.
Remember the group Xentrix who were quite big at one time.
And the bloke out of Casulty Josh whetever his name was.
And there's more.............
Trevor Hemmings.

T. D.
John Rigby.
I know of Trevor Hemmings... What is John Rigby famous for?
Martin ~
What about the "Lady" who paraded outside the Post Office during the War - was her name, I forget, she used to wear a fur coat and always had a word for the lads. (very tongue in cheek, sorry) I`ve mentioned before, Sergeants Pollitt and Turner of Leyland Police, they were famous!! and what about Butcher Lord? W.R.
Is Henry Spurrier classed as being from Leyland?
Which Henry Spurrier?
There were two.
The elder or Sir Henry?
I didn't know that. Which one is the famous one then, elder or junior?
The elder Henry was in charge until the 1940's and handed over to son Henry ,later Sir Henry, and H.S. Markland, and together they developed the post war company.

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