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No. 9 shop
Hi, are there any No.9 men or women out there?
I worked with Bill Sutton' John Critchlow, Mashy, Black Jake, Jed Travers, Alan Tyldesley, Ray Cartwright, Radar Ken and Ray Chatters etc. on Sick Bay in the early seventies. our gaffer was Fred Rowe.
Andy W
I can go back in No.9 Shop to when it was first built - to the exhibition for the Grand Opening - to setting up the Display - the Bordon Tank Display. Long time ago, but lots of memories. William.
Hi William, good to hear from you.
What year was the opening of No9 and was that the same time as the whole tank factory or was it last to open etc.?

What was No9 used for back then.
Andy W
RIP John.
I worked in the foundry for a couple of years around 1960 and must have come across him. Given the conditions he worked in, he did well to reach the age he did!!

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