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Low activity level

When I wrote my post , I looked through all the sections for "last posted" dates and there were none listed between the 24th of December and that time. I look through all the sub-forums except Local Resources, Local Newspapers and Sport, relying on the green symbol to alert me to new posts.

You state that "All logging in problems were resolved as soon as they were reported. No one is having any problems logging in, because if they were, they would have asked for help by now." If a member can't log in and don't happen to have kept your e-mail address somewhere else, how can they get in touch to ask for help, other than by re-joining under a different username, like I did?

I find it hard to believe that the level of activity we had before the redesigned program was introduced had died down to its present level as a result of a natural loss of interest.

Frank, I can see posts from 25th, 26th and today. To get in touch people can use the contact link at the bottom of all forum pages.
Martin ~
Perhaps Frank has been pressing his Ignore button again!

Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
I specifically went through the lists and checked. Between December 24th and Dec 28 (when I wrote my piece) there were 4 posts, one from Noel, one from Jerry T, one from Frank H and one from Audrey, all on the 24th.

Those are from all the sub-forums except Local Resources, Local Newspapers and Sport. I think that's a low utilisation rate and that there a lot of inactive or out-of-touch members on the rolls.

Comments, anyone?

Wow, Audrey. Just wow. That was some post and you've nailed it as far as I'm concerned. ( Thanks for your good wishes and all the best to you and forum members). I'm glad you agree about the FB Leyland memories page, yes it was fun to begin with and very occasionally you come across a photo, but it is very occasionally. It was good to see how old neighbours from East Street and Stanifield Lane, where I grew up, were doing. But one thing I struggle with is bad grammar and it is irksome when someone says "we was" or use of where it should be have, or who's where it should be whose, and incorrect use of the good old apostrophe. I'm tempted to comment having had it hammered into me by my old English teacher Daddy Bull at Balshaw's G.S. but refrain as I would just come across as a miserable so and so. Your point about Frank too, bad form ignoring people nowt wrong with Phil as far as I'm concerned. Martin's taken some time setting up the new format, and it deserves success for his efforts. I'm still puzzled by many aspects of it, that could be just me though being thick. Charnock Farm for New Year's Eve tonight, I'll drink a toast to the forum and a more lively 2014.
Thank's for the comments Audrey and Noel. All the none posting/absent members have been emailed on a number of occasions to ask if there are any problems and to invite them to have a look at the new forum. Only a handful of people replied, so I can only assume that the rest are not interested.

Incidentally, since the forum was upgraded we have had 44 new members sign up but most don't post anything. It's got nothing to do with login issues so how do we explain that?
Martin ~
Seeing that Frank didn't list my posts on his carefully trawled list makes it obvious that his ignore button is still in use.

Personally I think this is so childish, but there you go.

As I have said before, such a lot of work and such a beautifully set out forum, but lacking members who post despite the huge membership list.

I post regularly on 3 forums aside from this one and all 3 forums are buzzing with many posts per day. The membership lists on all 3 are quite modest, but the members actually post and do so regularly. There is no silly like/dislike/ignore rubbish, the members agree or disagree in a friendly way and post away keeping the particular forum functioning well.

I would like to say that it is these members on here who throw hissy fits and use ignore buttons etc who have driven away many potential good posting members. You may have noticed that I had to take a break of several weeks recently simply because I became so irritated and so frustrated. I would love to see some nice friendly posts from some nice friendly people, but they are few and far between on here.
Thanks Aud, you have been very friendly and welcoming and I appreciate that.
(01-Jan-2014, 02:55 AM)germinal Wrote: Thanks Aud, you have been very friendly and welcoming and I appreciate that.

Frank and I post fairly regularly I can only say certain posters reap what they sow, I personally can get on with most people but I retaliate to ignorant posters who as one or two did wondering why us ex Leyland people who now live abroad post comments on leyland and other subjects like education.
It was the way you post with such confidence when you don't really know the situation as it is today that was hard to understand. It is surely the people who live in Leyland now who really know how things are and what is going on best of all.

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