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Anyone on here used to work at Golden Hill Garage (Peugeot Talbot) I used to work in workshop as foreman and MOT tester.
Don't know the garage, Richard, but I am intrigued by your hyphenated surname. I'm familiar with the Caunce family, one of whom had (maybe still has) a barber's shop in Farington and who were well known in the Turpin Green Methodist Church. of which both my family and my wife's were members.

I'm more intrigued by the "Peacock" part of the name, as one of my wife's aunts (Annie) was married to Tom Peacock, Director of the Lostock Hall builders company that bore the name. Are you in that family line? My wife's maiden name was Nixon, and her mother and father had a greengrocery at 90 Hough Lane. Her Mom's maiden name was Ryding and Annie (Ryding) Peacock was her older sister.

If you don't want to discuss details in the forum, send me a private message through the system.

Incidentally, my family was also quite prominent in the small-business community in Leyland, having a well-known hardware store at 143 Towngate, where my Dad, his two sisters and three of their cousins all worked. For a short time in the 1950's and early 60's the firm also had a petrol station in the triangle where Turpin Green and Canberra Road meet. It was later a Bob Barton Texaco (?) station.

My sister, Jean, still lives in Leyland. My brother, Colin, lives in Plymouth. My wife and I and our two daughters emigrated to the USA in July 1968. We subsequently had a third daughter and a son. The girls all live in Western Washington State (within 100 miles or so). Our son lives in Japan, with his Japanese wife and our 2-and-a-half year old grand-daughter.

They will all be visiting us in Anacortes at the end of August, when it's our Golden Wedding Anniversary and two milestone birthdays, one for my sister and one for my wife. We have a party planned with about 50 people attending, on Sunday August 31st.

Frank Damp
Leyland born, now living in Anacortes, Washington State, USA (top left-hand corner).

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