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Those crazy yanks
Guess so! Big Grin
We have a pub/restaurant in Anacortes, John. The bar area is a lot like an English pub and the restaurant area flows into it. It's a lot like a lot of modern British pubs that serve food. It helps that most of the beer they sell is brewed right next door at the Anacortes Brewery.

You're right, though, there aren't a lot of places that are identical to the typical British Pub, more's the pity. As a member of a staunch Methodist family (and DW's family the same), we didn't get to know pubs very well, even after we were married and moved to the Midlands.

Lost years, I guess!! We like our ersatz pubs in Anacortes!

They have a lot of bar fights in Australia - mainly out of the cities - I guess it gives them something to do. In Batam (Indonesia) which is still wild west, I saw a Kiwi in a stoush with about thirty locals. He made it happen every week to close off his saturday evening. You can also see a few in Singapore when the rig crews are let loose from the shipyard if the company have been keeping them in "dry" circumstances. Oh and of course when there was alcohol on the planes back from the rig heliports there were quite a few in the oil and gas airports and on planes. But that's all a thing of the past now, they banned the booze on these flights.

Here in KL there are lots of Irish pubs, but as others have said, not too many British pub copies. In Tokyo, the "Rose" pubs owned and operated by Suntory sell a Japanese best bitter that is better than most I have tasted in the UK but the venues do not have the "feel" of a british pub.
It is a pleasure to go into British pubs now when I come home, good grub and staff that understand that you have a choice whether to be there or not, so the service has improved.
Very refreshing to get Peter`s views, having a wider world perspective on a lot of issues raised here on the Leyland website, more power to your elbow Peter also keeping your contact with friends and family issues in the Leyland locality.
What about Crete Dave? I've had a few holidays there but only ever drank at the tavernas in the evenings. I suspect places like Malia are to be avoided, when we visited Knossos setting off from Sisi by coach we passed through there, several bodies were lying supine on the pavements at 9am, presumably having supped too much. No doubt Brits!!!
I was in Brisbane last St Patricks day and came across an Irish bar. The place was jumping traditional live music playing people in costume singing and drinking Guinness all in a great spirit. Contrast that with two weeks later in Raffles Long Bar in Singapore like a posh Yates wine lodge drinking the famous Gin Slings and as many peanuts as you can eat, worlds apart.

frank h.
Ha ha Frank - I've been in both places, there was an Irish pub in Fortitude Valley in Brissy that was famous for putting green dye in the XXXX on St Paddys day. It took about a week to get rid of the hangover Smile
I also love not only the Singapore slings in the Long Bar at Raffle but the steaks in the Long Bar steak house next door as long as someone else is paying. Did you know there are about 40 restaurants in Raffles?
#18!2e0 Bisibane!6m1!1e1 Singapore
Thanks for the pictures Peter of the Long bar, the wife and I were sat where the view of the seating was taken but the room was rather full at the time. We had a sling each and a piece of cheese cake the cost was 50 Singapore Dollers well worth the experiance.

frank h.
Me too Frank - it was particularly sweet for me - someone else paid Smile

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