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Turkey in a few weeks, it'll be 30-40C peak and around 26C at night. It's a bit worrying with all these lunatics killing over some mythical creature but at least we're well away from Syria and the beach is well off the beaten track. Still worrying though and possibly the last time over there. But at least we'll get some sun and feel a lot warmer!
Come to western Crete Noel next year, it is the same as Turkey but not dangerous The Chania area were we live is OK and no touts trying to sell you things. We can advise apartments etc, hotels, full board. bed and breakfast to suit your requirements and budget. Temps here now in the 30s, just enjoying the pool with relatives and friends from Leyland.
yes might do Dave. I've visited the north east quite a bit, Gouvez and Sissi been to Spinalonga, Ag Nic etc usual tourist places, Knossos the plains that flood up in the east. I have stayed in the west, but it was slightly inland looking down on the main road, heck of a climb to the apartments and the weather wasn't good that time. It put us off a bit. We visited the military cemetery that year, so many good men lost their lives. Sad. In Turkey we can get sun loungers on the beach for equivalent of £2.50 my son visiting Spain was charged £13. A big difference. £6 a litre for spirits though. So a good sleep guaranteed.
Krasi, wine in Greek, local white, red, very good value 13 euros for 12 litres but spirits the same reasonably expensive the world market controls the price, local Raki 3 euros a litre, it is the fire water of Crete, we make it as an infusion with fruit walnuts etc, very good a cure all for most ills including insomnia , from what you have said you must have had a little bad luck with the weather and your apartments, we could help if required with our local knowledge, the cemetery is a very peaceful place many New Zealand soldiers lost their lives on Crete. Hope your Holiday Noel goes well in Turkey.

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