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Farington park
"Playing" is a very misleading word Noel, we almost lost every game, best result of the year was 1-1 against the second from the bottom of the table Smile

(03-Oct-2015, 07:43 PM)noel Wrote: The lodges have been dug up and the area turned into an attractive fishing "lake" now. The mill closed years ago of course. The lodge you fished in Frank must have been still in use by the mill, the first lodge at the top end of the park was full of rubbish and doubt there would have been any fish in it?

We used to build a raft of railway sleepers on the lodge every summer - me, George Parker, Dave Blundell, Frank Davis, Alan Ashworth and others. Great fun!
In the hard frosty winter of 1962-3 the lodges froze about 6" thick.....we had bikes on there, a motor bike on one occasion and great games of ice hockey, Farington v Leyland. It seemed to go on for weeks but couldn't have been more than a couple I suppose.
My cousin Michael and I went to the Lodges fairly often. His family lived on Golden Hill Lane a few blocks west of School Lane and we lived in Church Road on the north side close to the Cross. It was quite a way to Farington, but we both had bikes. We were around there in the early 50's and both Lodges had pretty clean water then.

By 62-23, I was well into my apprenticeship at BAC and my studies towards a B.Sc. in engineering at the University of Salford. Eileen and I were beginning planning for our wedding, which took place August 22nd 1964. I graduated Salford in June 1965 and took a job in Coventry. We only returned to Leyland for special family occasions after that. We emigrated to the US in July 1968.

Frank Damp (wife Eileen, nee Nixon)
Leyland resident 1941-1965, emigrated to the US in 1968,
retired to Anacortes, Washington State, USA in 1999.

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