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English Electric/BAC employees
I joined EE as an apprentice in April 1958. My "4-year" apprenticeship actually lasted over 7 years, with "Sandwich Course" education at Blackpool Tech and RCAT Salford. I left what had morphed into BAC after the TSR-2 cancellation and the end of my Salford classes in July 1965.

Are any of my apprentice classmates (or other folks who were at BAC at that time) on this forum?

Following two years with Wickman machine tools in Coventry, then another 18 months with Norton-Villiers on the Norton Commando and AJS Stormer programs, we upped stakes and emigrated to the US (Washington State) in July 1968 to a job for me with Boeing. After a 2.5 year gap following a lay-off in 1971, during which I worked at NASA-Langley, I returned to complete 28 years with Boeing, retiring on 01 September 1998, just before my 58th birthday. We moved to the small-ish seaside town of Anacortes, on the northern coast of Washington in November 1999 and are still here. No plans to relocate ever again!

Frank Damp

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