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You want a swedish meatballs shop ?
Hi to all... just came across the forum..
Just looking for some views on the proposed development at Cuerden. . (Dead end of motorway bit)
For those that dont know .. plans being put forward in December for a ....large retail/industrail park to include Ikea and the usual associated businesses and
... another 240 houses
It will go alongside stanifield lane to the roundabout ...yes the ones with the traffic lights they are messing with ..sorry ..cant get right....sorry technically altering the sequences to help with the flow of traffic demands... (to their credit they got it right and traffic worked well when they switched them off) anyways thats another story..
Just asking what you all think..
GOOD... BAD... INDIFFERENT .?.....???
Hi Roy, this is news to me, but they need to sort out traffic etc before building large developments.
Hi Roy and welcome.We received a notice today asking what our views on it were. As someone who grew up recognising the green patch between Farington and Lostock Hall, the division!! my comments were extremely negative. The council seem hell bent on crowding us out with more and more concrete and I'm sure it will be passed. Progress I believe they call it. They've already admitted they got that roundabout wrong, free flowing before they decided to increase the centre bit thus narrowing the traffic lanes and as for the mods to penwortham way converting to a dual carriageway. Have you seen that enormous pylon in the way that's caused the planners to realise they forgot it was there, so another roundabout round the pylon said I cynically? I don't trust anything this lot do.

[Image: image.jpg]

Full story here
Traffic will be awful, they are planning lots of junctions on to local roads. Wigan Road will have a goods entrance and a customer entrance and LCC and the developers don't think it will increase the traffic much. The view from Cuerden Valley Park Wigan Road car park will be of the big blue IKEA box, all trees and fields gone, stop and take a look and you will appreciate how much will be lost. Stanifield Lane, two more access points, one into the logistics area, no doubt having a knock on to Lydiate Lane. One more access onto the dual carriageway and another onto the M65. I think we will be living in a traffic jam and moving around will become unbearable.
Thanks for replies so far..
Yes noel your right. The green buffer in farrington is a sigh of relief from building .. lancashires greenery seems to be shrinking at anenormous rate...
Planning ALREADY PASSED last year contains 1500 houses in farrington west alone...
The population of leyland has dramatically increased over the last 5 years
Seems we are on our way to be swolled up by preston and sijce buckshaw village has more or less conected us with chorley .....leyland now seems just another extention...
When we lived in Leyland in 1968, the population was around 18,000, swelling to about 50,00 when everyone came to work at LML, BTR, L&B, Leyland Paint and all the cotton mills.

Frank D
Once the planing people ask for your views and you put your points against the scheme, even if they agree with your points and reject the scheme the developers will go to the government for a reversal. The government will grant a reversal because of their building policy, this has happened on more than a few occasions here in Wigan and Standish. The roads around Wigan area are conjested at the quiet times let alone at peak times, no one listens to the people who have to put up with it.

frank h.
well IKEA have pulled out 3 days after a new boss took over

The company cited "economic reasons" for its decision which comes just 24 hours after Tesco pulled out of a plan to build a giant 24-hour superstore just a couple of miles away in Penwortham. Ikea was set to be the flagship store at the £36m development, which which was recently re-branded Lancashire Central. The site was expected to create 4,500 jobs in the area. In a statement released this morning the company said the site was no longer viable following increased development costs and delays.

Read more at:
I didn't know Tesco had pulled out as well. I see McCarthy & Stone have started building in Penwortham.
what penwortham needs is car parking facilities. people have been using the car park behind where lloyds bank is on the main road. although the bank has bee closed for 2 years there are still signs saying for use by lloyds bank customers only. and private eye or whatever they are called have started issuing fines. you couldn't make it up. mccarthy etc think those are retirement apartments, a lot of trouble about entrance to them.

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