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William Cooper (Billy)
Hi was just enquiring if anybody knew my uncle William Cooper; he lived on Derby Street; i think he was a semi-pro footballer and a mechanic when he was younger; he has a sister Marion and his dad was Jack Cooper.
Sorry I can`t help but I am sure there will be someone on the site will help, nice to see someone using the site.
Me neither sorry. I do check the forum fairly regularly in the hope someone will have commented. Incidentally the Farington and Leyland social club that is in Derby Street collapsed a few months ago, the gable end caved in and it just looks derelict now. My Uncle Les Watton used to compere there, Bingo etc. he would be devastated if he's looking down on it.
Thanks to Noel for his interest and posting on this forum, a shame to have seen it`s decline over the 13 years I have been here on Crete, it used to keep me in touch with Leyland Preston area, my parents and grandparents place of birth and mine, Keep it up Noel and I hope more interest is taken by local people.
Gutted, having lived at 8 Derby Street all my family used to go to the social club; 1960s,70s etc Shame
I'll keep trying Dave, off to Side Antalya tomorrow for a bit of welcome warmth. Went past the Derby St. today, it's a mess. News article here

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