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Moving out
I like the new format , it's much cleaner than the old, so I'll be the first of the few still left to make a posting. We put our house up for sale a few months ago having finally realised after 32 years it's got too big and we have got too old to maintain it as it deserves. Haven't anywhere in mind to move to and so far only a handful of people interested in it. The next move will be our last almost certainly so get it right, as they say. Cool
Thanks Noel. I seem to have misplaced the logo, but I can reply from my phone which is a bonus. Good luck with the sale.
Martin ~
My advise Noel would be look for a Bungalow, we did it when we moved here to Crete, stairs get harder and harder as time goes by, the bungalow here was a God send, we found living a lot easier than the house in Leyland, up and down to the loo was the main problem in Leyland, good luck with your moving, try to keep it local if you can, keeping in touch with your friends etc etc. Dave H and Gilly here on Crete. Big Grin
Thanks for the advice Dave.I found it easier to do a search to recover this post, maybe I'm just getting used to it. We're looking for a bungalow Dave, unfortunately much of our house would be called "dated" by estate agents, but I would be quite happy to move into a "dated" bungalow. You make it your own. A new 50pence piece is being minted to "celebrate" leaving the EU. Already some are refusing to accept it in change opting instead for 20pence and 10 pence options.
Hi Noel, I am so Glad we live in the Euro zone it would annoy me so much using coins that celebrate what I consider to be a disaster for the U.K., happy to be using the Euro, you are correct about Dated Bungalows, they were properly built by builders proud of their trade and ability, not in it just to make money, best of luck with your search, I don`t know why Bungalows tend to be slightly dearer then houses but that was what I read lately about U.K. property, again good luck with your search. Dave H  Smile
I'm told they are dearer because they occupy more land Dave. They are also in demand by old fogies such as me who begins to wonder if the stairs will be a challenge in years to come :-) We've had 3 couples round yesterday and all seemed to go well, though they haven't sold theirs yet. I watched the Marr political program this am and Farage was on it. I don't know why I just feel sick when I see the smug smirk on him.

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