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Ancestry:Wilkins Brewers of Longton
Hi everyone... ESPECIALLY WILCO, WHO I BELIEVE I AM RELATED TO  (Derek Wilkins aka Wilco)
I'm new on the site and would like to introduce myself.
I am originally from a small village south of Penrith in Cumbria.
8 years ago, our adult son helped us trace our ancestors and in the Covid-Lockdown I managed to delve deeper.
I always knew my father's side of the family were from London and Lancashire and some were 'Fylde farmers'.
My great, great, great, great uncle was a brewer in Longton and is buried in a large sarcophagus in St Andrew's churchyard, Longton.
I would love to hear more about my ancestors.
Please contact me if you know anything.
Thank you
Jan Wilkins
Welcome to the forum Jan. Good luck with your search.
(24-Oct-2020, 10:06 AM)noel Wrote: Welcome to the forum Jan. Good luck with your search.
Hi Noel,
Thank you.
No luck just yet, but I have dropped letters at homes in Longton where my ancestors lived so here's hoping.
Derek Wilkins from Leyland hasn't answered my post here though.

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