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Leyland X2 Bus
This came in via email

Quote:I am currently doing a deep search on the Leyland X2 bus from 1908. I have information on Leyland's company history, but I am getting overlapping information about how the bus was created! I have the names Thomas Tilling, who I have heard of, and Milnes Voss, who I recently discovered. Is there any light that someone could shed on this topic? In fact, any information beyond the vehicles basic spec would be very much appreciated. My aim is to understand this bus fully, including any trivial knowledge down to the routes this bus took when in service (I have yet to search this), and from here delve into where London's transport took its direction in terms of buses. (B-type etc)

If there is any direction you could point me in for my research or anyone you would recommend to contact, I would be happy to receive this information as well.
Martin ~

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