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Hardware Stores
Can anyone remember the name of the hardware store that used to be between where Iceland is and the Post Office in Towngate. It was a really old fashioned type of place a bit like Tommy Ball's in Lostock Hall or Carters at the corner of Bristol Avenue. ( I'm not talking Leyland D.I.Y.) I'm told it shut in the eighties . I was living down south then.
i know the one your talking about noel i will find out off my mumm because funny enough i was talking to her about 1 month ago about said you remember that charity collection thing outside,it was like a little boy on crutches and bandaged up i think you put your spare change into a box he was holding.i remember this in the 70,s as well as that red grand prix racing car ride outside tesco,s british homestores were the bookies and blockbusters is now
I know mossy it's doing my head in what was that name. Hurry up please<vbg>
I've just been told it was Damps. Thank heaven for that. An exuse to have a celebratory drink tonight.
I thought Damps was around the corner from the Gables towards the Cross, it's now been split into shop units, one of them is a carpet place. Oh and there's a womens health and fitness centre upstairs.

I think that building was originally one of the first Leyland Motors workshops, owned by Spurrier or one of the other founders.

In The Pink
Martin ~
The hardware store that was on on Hough Lane was called Bowlands, owned by George Bowland. Damps was on Towngate. I don't live in Leyland and haven't done for seven years now, but I remember Bowlands well as I use to work on Hough Lane.
Much prefer living on the Cheshire/Shrophsire border these days.
Mossy, while you are talking to your Mum ask her where the Victoria Nursing Home was as it's doing my head in.
Then Martin can take a photo of it.
my mum said damps at first but then she said that was on turpin green .she said it was bolans.
RS1 i will get back to you on that one.she,s gone on holiday so unless someone else comes up with the answer it will be aweek before i find out.
Thanks Mossy.I won't be too deeply depressed if it remains a mystery but at least you are keeping your mum occupied.
On the point about the first Leyland Motors workshop I have a notion that my Dad may have started there as an apprentice.He was 14 at the time and an iron turner, died a year ago at 88.Stayed at LM for over 50 years.
I nearly ended up in Canada as there was an opportunity for him to work on the St Lawrence scheme but he couldn't tear himself away from his familiar haunts.That would have been about 1946.

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