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Hardware Stores
I knew Frank would come up trumps on this one, thanks. I still believe that they had a minor fire at the one behind Heatons, Frank, because I used to go to the Hairdressers across from the Public Hall and Mr Tomlinson the Undertaker used to come in. If I recall right he said it had been something and nothing, he was a jolly sort of man with a round face, just the sort to see you on your last journey. Was that John?

He had a wonderful tale about the knot on the coffin lid, but sadly I can`t repeat it on here.

The word at the time was thatm it was an "insurance job" but I doubt it, remember the very robust fireman called Ted Newby, he lived a few doors from Cockers Decorators shop on Water Street, I think he was the uncle of Stanley Blackhurst and lived with them ( names from the past again). Hey, think about that book, didn`t George Birtill have a go at one?
Hi William
You were obviously an old stager at the Motors as you have mentioned a lot of people that I remember.I have just seen you mention Ted Newby.he worked in the Belt Piecing in the main alley at North Works and was on the works firebrigade,he also ran the Rugby Union football teamand I think I am right in saying he was a pretty fair player himself in his playing days he played in the pack along with Phillip Quinn and Jimmy O Brien.Mr.Tomlinson the undertaker if I am thinking right was a rather tall chap and thin featured,he was on Leyland counciland he unfortunately drowned at Conway some years ago now.
Regards Ron.
Hi Ron and welcome. I suppose I am an old stager, but young in heart and full of memories. Keep posting, you only get out of the Forum as much as you put in.

I started at Leylands in May 1939, ages ago.

Have fun, William R.
Have just been browsing over old postings and was interested to hear about Andrew Tomlinson. I believe he was distantly related to us via his wife, who was a cousin of my maternal grandmother, Nellie Newsham (nee Unsworth).

As Frank said, we used to live at No 7 Church Road and knew Andrew and sons Jimmy and Alf quite well. Jimmy was a prominent local councillor, a JP and chair of the hospital management board. Alf became chief of the Lancashire Constabulary Specials ("Hobby Bobbies" as we used to call them).

Andrew had a very dry sense of humour, and the story goes that he was once asked by a business contact to undertake the funeral of a Jewish man from Preston. He noticed that as the mourners visited the chapel of rest to pay their last repects, they slipped a gold sovreign into the coffin. Being a shrewd businessman, he thought he could make better use of it than the deceased and took it out again.

However, the business contact was pleased with the way the funeral was conducted, and put more business Andrew's way. Again the mourners slipped a gold sovreign into the coffin, and again Andrew took it out before nailing the lid down.

Curiosity finally go the better of him, and he asked his businessman friend what the gold sovreigns were all about. "Ah," he replied gravely, "that's to pay for their passage over Jordan."
"Is it, be gum," replied Andrew. "Well I know two buggers who are going to have to walk it!"
does anyone remember the hardware store that was where leyland shoes used to be i think it is a sun parlour now (seven Stars area )

Being based near the Cross and having the family store on Towngate across from Forge Street, my knowledge of the Seven Stars area is a bit limited. I do remember a row of shops on the east side of the Fox Lane/Leyland Lane crossroads. One of them was a model shop run by the Ashmore family, I think. I must admit I don't remember a hardware store anywhere in the vicinity. If there was one, they'd be too far away from our shop to be a serious competitor.

Folks on the forum who lived in that area are a better source of information than me.

Frank Damp
Frank Damp (wife Eileen, nee Nixon)
Leyland resident 1941-1965, emigrated to the US in 1968,
retired to Anacortes, Washington State, USA in 1999.
Do you mean McCleans John?
I dont recall that name but thanks very much for your replies, i used to be a patron of the chequered flag on chapel brow late 60's early 70's does anyone remember mick who ran it ?
I remember the Chequered Flag. Went in there a few times in the early 80's.
Martin ~
The Ashmore family ran a music shop on the corner of Fox lane and Leyland lane and later turned it into a photograpy shop and later moved tonear Whithnell Cant think of the name of the place

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