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Eating in Leyland
This is a topic i've wanted to 'bring up' as well- food in Leyland! yep, it's really amazing how many places there are to eat at, something I've noticed on my visits . i was there this week but limited my intake to a Parkinson's pork pie and a butty. As you say,"we only had chippies". A trip down the memory lane of Leyland chippies might be interesting? Cookson's at the bottom of Golden Hill, Fenny's (top of School Lane)and the one at the New Shops on Broadfield were the ones I knew....
I have fond memories of chips from all three and the one at the bottom of Royal Ave, in the row of shops there. I suppose Parkinsons is the most popular bakers in the town and has been around for many years. I also remember buying pies, for lunch, from the shop next door to Balshaws, delicious!
I lived just outside Leyland and remember Mrs, Worrel's we got fish chips and peas for a shilling back in 1958. Lordy I feel old!!!
Next chippy was Boundary Street. The Vimto there was really good on a Friday night.
Anyone remember "Mushies" at the bottom of Slater Lane/Leyland Lane?
Apparently the cat slept on the fish there.
I'll say no more. <vbg?>

The significant owl hoots in the night.
Most of the English chippies seem to have changed hands and menus in the last 20 years. Going towards the motorway from the roundabout, there is one opposite the petrol station, that changed about 10years ago into Walkers, I think they must have been a chain judging by the menus and posters. Now it's something else (not english though). The chippy near the old Tiger on Leyland lane is now a chinese and I think the one on School lane is too...

Th'owd Chippy is still there though with Bert behind the counter, I meant to go in when I was up there but didn't have time.

In The Pink
Martin ~
The "Chinese Chippy" next door to Brindles is probably the best in Leyland now. A portion of chips would keep you going all day.
I can vaguely remember a chippy where Booths is now. Back in the late fifties.

I wonder.

The significant owl hoots in the night.
Noel, you're right about a chippie where Booth's is now. If I remember right there were four shops in that block, with the chippie at the north end of the block. There was a shoe shop, Dunderdale's radio and appliances and I can't remember the one at the south end (maybe there were only three?). Francis Turner's photography studio was above the one at the south end, with the entry in the side street.

I'm not certain of the name of the chippie, but "Rawlinson's" sticks in my mind.

We lived up near the Cross, and so weren't regulars at the shops around the Regent, except when we were at our own shop during the day.

Frank Damp
Frank Damp (wife Eileen, nee Nixon)
Leyland resident 1941-1965, emigrated to the US in 1968,
retired to Anacortes, Washington State, USA in 1999.
Actually it was 'Rawcliffes' chippy, their daughter was in my class at Fox Lane, forgotten her Christian name.

Actually it was 'Rawcliffes' chippy, their daughter was in my class at Fox Lane, forgotten her Christian name.

That's right Frank and John my memory cells are slowly thawing out. I don't know if any of you remember John Hindle who was a bus conductor for Fishwicks for many a year, a very kind simple man with a bad lisp. I was a neighbour who grew up with his son, and every other Friday he used to treat me and David to " The bess fiss chip peigh in Leyland" Oh he was very good at embarrasing young ladies too. A very nice chap.

The significant owl hoots in the night.
do any of you lot who don,t live in leyland remember grundies mobile chippy.

well mr g is brown bread now but grundy jnr as taken over he now does broadfield drive on tuesdays and fridays.

he doe,s down canberra road one night and moss side some other hight
In my diary for 1965 It says 'went to Collinges and got chips', I think they replaced Fenny's, top of School Lane. On Sat. mornings i had to get three fish from Cookson's chippy, bottom of Golden Hill Lane. George Cookson had thick glasses and red hair. He had a hand-operated potato chipper, pretty impressive stuff, and I also liked to watch him dipping the fresh fish in the batter...we had to find our own entertainment in them days, of course, especially in Leyland. There was a room to 'eat in' at the back, I recall sharing chips in there with two boys who ,some months later, died in a motorcycle accident.

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