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Former EE/BAC Warton Engineer Apprentices

I was a bit earlier than you, starting in a Warton-based apprentice program in April 1958. The first year was day-release for ONC at Harris, but then the company launched an OND sandwich course at Blackpool Tech and I was among the first intake (8 students). With such a small group, it was almost one-on-one with the instructors and I landed a Technical State Scholarship to do a Dipl.Tech degree at what was then the Royal College of Advanced Technology - Salford. That was also a sandwich course - Jan - June at school and then July- December in the company training program, mainly at Warton, but with one 3-month segment at Strand Road. I got my degree in July 1965, shorlty after Wilson's clowns cancelled TSR-2. Although not actually made redundant, the jobs available to recent grads were not much fun.

I quit for a job with Wickman Machine Tools in Coventry, then with Norton-Villiers in Wolverhampton. In 1968, I was offered a job with Boeing and have been in the US ever since. I retired from Boeing after 28 years, went back a couple of years as a contract engineer, then left the engineering profession altogether.
Frank Damp (previously "anacortesdamp")
Anacortes, WA USA

Thanks to Martin's intervention, my previous username of "anacortesdamp" has been recovered.
Frank-anacortes is now retired.
Frank Damp (wife Eileen, nee Nixon)
Leyland resident 1941-1965, emigrated to the US in 1968,
retired to Anacortes, Washington State, USA in 1999.
I just dug up this old thread while browsing. A quick update - we're still in Anacortes, continuously for 19 years in the same house. I had my 77th birthday three weeks ago, and still enjoying life. We became great-grandparents a while ago. The daughter of our eldest daughter gave birth to a girl a bit over 2 years ago.

The family are all reasonably close geographically except for our son Matthew. He, his wife and their almost 7-year-old daughter live in a city called "Chiba-Shi", about 40 miles south-east of Tokyo. He works for Dassault Electronics. we're lucky that they are able to make an annual visit in late July most years. That part of Japan gets very hot and sticky at that time of year.

The girls are all in Washington State and within less than 150 miles.

Best wishes to all on this web-site.

Frank Damp

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